Indigo Phoenyx Releases “Kismet” Visual Featuring Nejma Nefertiti

Teck-Zilla X indigo Phoenyx created an instant classic with Indigo’s Ascension EP. The chemistry is undeniable. The project had blessings on it from hip hop artist/High Priest Tariq L and featured dynamic lyricism from all female features such as the iconic Queen Herawin, Aida, Ke Turner and Nejma Nefertiti. The first visual out the gate is “Kismet” which is a soulful upbeat joint. The video features Nejma Nefertiti and renowned hip hop dancer Aphro. Indigo and the ladies have a day on the town in scenic Little Five Points. Dope graffiti, crystal shopping, a few performances and chillin with the crew are the highlights of this invigorating piece. Nothing but positive vibes and good times on the screen. This was truly meant to be. Seven Sisters Coprahouse directed the vibrant visual. They captured all the nuances necessary to showcase this track! Check out this ode to boom bap.

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