Chubs & Fastlife Premiere Cinematic “Ocean’s 11” Video

Ending the year strong, Chubs and FastLife bring you the cinematic visuals for “Ocean’s 11” which bring a wicked symphony representing the chaotic crimes and times of what can be known as, “Just another night in New York.” With Eitan Noyze at the helm of this apocalyptic production, Chubs and FastLife highlight the furious need to come up with the funds to continue to maneuver through the dark days, and even darker nights, while drifting through their smooth and seasoned flows, and dodging what lurks through the streets after the sun sets. If there is one thing to take away from this missile of a tune and video, it’s that no one is safe when the track to greatness comes with obstacles, especially when these gentlemen are on it.


When we met up with Chubs, we asked: “Usually artists give themselves the main role in their videos. But this one is different. Tell us about the video concept, why you didn’t give yourself the main role, and what made you go this route?” This is what he said…

I wanted to make a mini movie that was inspired by true events. I obviously changed names and some details. You see and hear a lot of grimy come up stories living in New York. So I wanted to give people a glimpse into the “kill or be killed” setting of NYC and the heists that can make or break someone. And I thought it would be cool to use my homies in the video and give them some shine, since they’re such characters in real life. I made my blood cousin Jungle the main character. We always joke that he is Nicholas Cage from Con Air lol cause he actually looks like him. I also had my cannibal club brother OBED and my cousin Tank play the intruders, along with my beautiful homegirl Nyah Zoe playing the damsel in distress. Plus I’m a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock films. He always gives himself a small part in his movies, but is never the main character.

“Ocean’s 11” is Also available to stream on all DSP’s

Written by Blass 89

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