Ahsan The Golden Child Remasters The Art of Emceeing (Mixtape)

25 years ago street tapes and mixtapes ran Jersey and NY blocks, and The Art of Emceeing was no exception. Ahsan The Golden Child along with Righteous M.O.B. Entertainment were saught as Hip Hop enthusiasts, activists, radio broadcasters, as well as gatekeepers for new Hip Hop talent. With a mission in mind to spread that talent to the masses, The Art of Emceeing street tape was born.

“Whether it was listening to Magic and Marley on WHBI prior to WBLS, Music Factory Record Store in Manhattan, Red Alert on Kiss, or copies of street tapes my ear was always to the ground. . I loved sharing what I found I would come to school and was like, yo there’s this new kid Milk D flowing over this ill version of Impeach the President.” – Ahsan The Golden Child

Ahsan The Golden Child and Righteous M.O.B. compiled 35 tracks from sought out heavy-hitting emcees including Black Lotus (Miz, Dreadman aka Sunny Arson, Drastic), Blackmel aka Supastion, Broken Home (Uncle Ed the Pervert and Manson), High Noon (Jahbatton aka Rootz & Kedar), Ill Represnters (Space and Digital aka Mr. Blogz), Knowledge, Marzuwg, Nemesis (Eloh Kush, Onom, Big Ciph), Scienz of Life (Lil Sci, ID 4 Winds, Inspector Willabee), The Fam (Kwa aka Glorious and Ja the Gift of Angelz Inc.), The Sorseris, Warbucks (Shakim Khadifi, Cahoon, Dontego), along with an intro from legendary DJ Red Alert… 25 years later The Golden Child and Righteous M.O.B. Entertainment digitally remaster The Art of Emceeing available exclusively on Audiomack.

Hip Hop heads are sure to embrace this epic vibe of boom-bap and classic NY melodies that hits all senses with a refreshing dose of nostalgia. Amid a time of growing uncertainty and doubt in our world, The Art of Emceeing reminds us how powerful Hip Hop culture is and the unity it brings forward along with mind, body, and soul healing vibes.

Stream Art of Emceeing above and connect with Ahsan The Golden Child below. Be sure to order your Art of Emceeing official tee-shirt!

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Art of MCing (In 2011 The Golden Child changed the name when he created Art of MCing monthly showcase)

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