Falcon Outlaw & Nicholas Craven Are ‘Maplehurst Graduates’ On New Album

High Heat Records released their artist Falcon Outlaw’s debut album fully produced by Nicholas Craven titled ‘Maplehurst Graduates. This is a long-awaited project from the Toronto, Canada born emcee. Coming off his recent releases, such as his critically acclaimed EP, West Detention, fully produced by Camouflauge Monk in 2019. And then in 2021 Falcon Outlaw released two more EP’s – Dope Boy Incorporated fully produced by Karnate and Happy Father’s Day fully produced by Kng Bondalero (who is also a new High Heat Records member). To say a debut album is long-awaited is an understatement.

This album has ten tracks and Falcon Outlaw takes the listeners on a full-fledged view into Toronto underground. Every feature on this album brought hard rhymes to complement Nicholas Craven’s production. Featured artist include Family Gang Black, Raz Fresco, all NO FACE KREW members (Kng Bondalero, David Haller & New Villain), Che Uno, Lord Juco, Dutchess, Ray Vendetta, Nomad Carlos, Saipher Soze, Asun Eastwood, Daniel Son & Lex.

This star studded line up is only one part of this project. Nicholas Craven usually brings a lot of soulful beats into this underground space. But on this project, it seem he opened up a new file that hasn’t been heard by anyone before. This will be something that will be talked about on this album. Nicholas Craven’s versatility has been unlockedFalcon Outlaw’s wordplay and subject matter on this album is top tier and will leave the listeners wanting more. The growth that Falcon displays on this project is one of the biggest leaps in the underground that has been displayed by anyone. This album is an extension of West Detention being that EP was about his time in young offenders’ prison and this new album is about his time being locked up as an adult. The album goes through many changes throughout, but holds the listeners attention at each punchline. 

High Heat Records hails from Toronto, Canada and is run by Jason Banks & Falcon Outlaw. Nicholas Craven is from Montreal, Canada. So, this album is straight Canadian Grown hip hop at its highest level.

This album will be exclusively released and sold on highheatrecords.ca and for all future projects and merch drops signup to the website and follow thir Instagram & Twitter handles!

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