Dagha & Psych Major explode in new single “Mr. Dynamite”

The duo of Boston rhymer Dagha (Edan, Insight) and emcee/producer Psych Major (aka Noise Is The Trigger) have returned with another new single this morning. “Mr. Dynamite” (also produced by Psych Major) is a synth-laden, glacial bass and dusty drums entry into their catalogue, resting somewhere in a world where John Carpenter was inspired by Preemo’s work on “Above The Clouds.” A perfect foil for the duo’s reflective rhymes in the over 40 grown man rap division.

This is the second new single from Noise Is The Trigger since their return from a decade long siesta while falling back to raise kids, nurture careers and attend stress management classes. Below is a link to their recently released opening salvo “Funky Sound.”

Purchase tracks via https://psych101.bandcamp.com

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