Sneek Rothstein (of Reagan Era) has seen “Better Days”

Los Angeles based spitter Sneek Rothstein has unleashed his solo LP Menace this week. which is an unabashedly classic West-Coast / G-Funk influenced affair.

Mainly known for his work in the late 80’s / early 90’s era inspired crew Reagan Era as well as his former group Drodian, Rothstein speaks on those Los Angeles streets with a funky flow but not necessarily glorifying the hustle.

Production on the album adds to that distinct West Coast vibe which includes live bass (provided by The World Famous Mr. Payback who has laced tracks for 2pac, E-40, B-Legit and Mack 10) as well as a convincingly Cali soundscape from UK based producer Too Nasty.  Additional production heat on the album is provided by DJ Addiction, West Coast Stone, Dallas Now What and Slagdogg.

Now, he has dropped two animated videos of tracks featured on the album including “Better Days (featuring West Coast Stone) and “Sinaloa

“Sinaloa” was inspired by the 2019 massacre of 9 Mormons by a Mexican Drug Cartel who wanted them out of the area. Rothstein recalls “I heard the story and I couldn’t believe the ruthlessness of the cartel killing women and children for nothing. The words for the chorus just kept resonating in my mind and just spilled out of me as soon as I heard the beat.”

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