The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons (Documentary Trailer)

In Hip Hop and music you cannot mention Staten Island without mentioning the iconic group The UMC’s. Haas G and Kool Kim were the first rap group to put Staten Island at the forefront of Hip Hop. The duo was also the first rap group out of Staten Island to appear and perform on Soul Train, as they were also the first rap group out of Staten Island to chart No.1 on Billboard, twice.

The UMC’s have proven to be a major, influential staple in rap and Hip Hop culture, and clearly have not fallen waist side. Who can forget watching Martin and seeing the lifesize poster of ‘Fruits of Nature’ on the living room wall? Who caught glimpse of an interview with Kanye West where he shared about gathering up all his allowance to buy the cassette tape of ‘Fruits of Nate’? Who remembers the star-struck expression on’s face when he told a reporter how much of a huge fan he is of the group and the impact they had on his career.

Dream Different Media along with Boo and Sarah Hartman Evans and The UMC’s present the trailer for their upcoming documentary “The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons.” Watch the trailer below and stay tuned for the official documentary.

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