Tarik Robinson (of Dragon Fli Empire) – ‘Rotations’ Album

Tarik Robinson is the government name of veteran Calgary emcee and producer (plus new radio host) Teekay of the Dragon Fli Empire. Due to an excess of artists sharing his ‘rap name’, Robinson has taken it back to his birth certificate. And it makes sense, as “Rotations” gives the listener an honest glimpse into the creative and colourful imagination of this respected artist as he explores themes like purpose, joy, growth, struggle and possibility within the cycles of life.

Rotations is 2 interludes bookmarking 10 solid tracks of golden era inspired hip hop (with a couple of nods to the present day). It features Robinson’s DFE partner-in-crime DJ Cosm, as well as emcees BRavenousJay Ross and KazMega plus singer Janessa J.

“Rotations” album promo video is available here.

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