Premiere: Chubs X Jim Scary Present “Six Sense” Video

This is not your ordinary Boom Bap track. This is a bit different. This sound is kinda indescribable. But if we had to label it something, we would say it’s a blend of Grunge and Boom Bap. So let’s call it Grunge Bap! This is not for the faint of heart, so listen/watch at your own risk.

“Six Sense” is available to stream everywhere

Chubs and Jim Scary connect to bring you their latest single/video “Six Sense” produced by longtime collaborator, Lord Jewish aka Eitan Noyze. Lord Jewish set up the perfect dark and heavy soundscape for the videographer, Gee Media, to capture Chubs dragging a bandana wrapped bat across the ground and a clip of him tightly gripping brass knuckles. Off the bat (no pun intended), you already know how this is gonna turnout.

“Six Sense” is the lead single off their ‘S.I.D. 2‘ project, whose release date is still yet TBD. But when we asked Chubs what the S.I.D. acronym stood for, this is what he said:

S.I.D. has multiple meanings. On the first project it stood for ‘Soaked In Death.’ We’re still unsure what to call this one, but we’re leaning towards ‘Shovels In Dirt.’ 



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