Soulrac Shares A “His-Story” Lesson For Fathers

Adult contemporary Hip Hop artist Soulrac delivers his latest single “His-Story” featuring LDontheCut with production by boom-bab whiz BigBob.

“His-Story” is an empowering track set out to break generational curses between fathers and sons. Soulrac shares his honest journey from birth to fatherhood. His vivid timeline is told through transparent lyricism and clear-cut wordplay.

Soulrac holds nothing back underlining family dynamics, childhood run-ins, antics involving the legal system, and more. The climax introduces Soulrac as a father and highlights his actions to ensure his son doesn’t follow a path of self-eradication.

LDontheCut and BibBob provide smooth, yet gripping melodies that rectify Soulrac’s profound History lesson. Get your copy of “His-Story” below and stay tuned for the video.

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