L. Haggood & Fantom of the Beat Release “Listen” Video

L. Haggood, an esteemed Hip Hop OG releases visuals for his latest single “Listen.” The track is produced by legendary, platinum 2x Grammy-nominated Haas G of The UMC’s. The chemistry between this MC/producer duo will compel rappers to listen and take heed.

During a time where our eyes and ears are brainwashed by confusing trends, one-hit wonders, and music with zero substance, L. Haggood is here to deliver the real mccoy, spewing blunt truths meshed with cynical sarcasm.

Mentally unstable, L. Haggood is who he is and gets down how he gets down, not phased by what anyone thinks or says; he’s true to himself and the culture.

“Suckers is too much of an easy word I got other nouns, and adjectives, and action verbs…”

Haas G aka Fantom of the Beat offers an arrangement of melodies that underline L. Haggood’s refreshing, yet complex lyrical bout commanding audiences to feel the raw emotion. Watch the video for “Listen” and connect below.

“Listen” on preferred platforms – https://orcd.co/listen

Instagram & Twitter: @lhaggood

Facebook: Lionel Haggood / Mentally Unstable Records

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