D. Brock DaLyrical Releases “Call Me Old” Video

It’s been over a decade since D. Brock DaLyrical released music, but not even a stroke could keep him away from his craft and Hip Hop roots. His new single/video “Call Me Old” was primarily written for Generation X.

“It addresses an era of mumble rappers who put out music with no substance.”

Being stuck in quarantine and watching a factory assembly of “Lil” rappers glorifying pills, getting high, and false scars, DaLyrical copped some software and a drum machine and created “Call Me Old.”

The video begins with two young cats in a barbershop talking about today’s Hip Hop being better than old school Hip Hop, which sets the stage for DaLyrical’s counterblast.

“A damn shame all you f*ckers sound da same / No original thoughts ever make it to your brains / Yeah, da industry’s da blame / they give a lil fame / but nearly half you motherf*ckers even got da same name / Lil dis lil dat / lil wick lil whack / Look, youngin, use some manners or you ’bout to get smacked / ‘n’ please stop trippin’ ’cause you don’t understand / ’bout to catch an a*s whippin’ from a grown-ass man.”

“Call Me Old” will certainly raise some eyebrows with mumble rappers, however, devout Hip Hop heads will head-nod along to the flawless boom-bap cadences, thumping bass, and of course classic cuts and scratches. DaLyrical’s slick talk can be felt throughout the entire video and his final jab serves as a rewind antic, “I hope you hear me, youngin’, and pull your f*ucking pants up.”

Watch “Call Me Old” (produced/directed by Marty Schiff and shot by Aaron Dudas) and connect with D. Brock DaLyrical below.

Stream “Call Me Old’ produced by D.J. Supa C on preferred platforms.

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