From Rhyme to Doing Time with RickHyde’s Brother Boons (Interview)

You might not have heard of RickHyde’s older brother Boons but that is likely due to him being locked up for most of his adult life. When he was released in 2016 after doing a ten year bid he got right to work in the studio. He released “Institutionalized” in 2018, “Off The Count” in 2019, and was ready to give fans his best work to date “Fuk Wit Me! Vol. 1” in 2020, but was sadly incarcerated yet again. However, with the help of his uncle Sam and his homie Struggle Mike, he finally managed to drop “Fuk Wit Me! Vol. 1” on DSPs earlier this month. This 14-track mixtape album is fully produced by RickHyde and Kidd Kold, and includes features from Fred The Godson, Elcamino, GoToMar$, and Jonezy.

We got a chance to interview Boons while he awaits sentencing in a federal penitentiary. Free Boons until it’s backwards!


How long have you been emceeing?

I been raping for a little over 10 years. I got serious about it while incarcerated during my last bid. I was always a writer just never got serious until I got locked up.

Who has been making music longer, you or RickHyde?

Me and Ricky always used to make up raps as kids. You know, the silly raps with the cuss words that we would sneak and do it when mommy wasn’t listening.

Did you and RickHyde used to make music together when you were kids?

Ricky been in the game longer. I was in the streets, you know, adapting to my environment. I’ve always pushed Rick to do better. He was the ticket…our way out.

Boons & RickHyde

Do you guys have other siblings?

Yes its five of us all together. I’m the oldest, then it’s Rick, my sister Ne-Ne, my brother AJ, and the baby Teah. We Shameah’s kids.

I heard you were working on a project with Fred The Godson before his untimely passing. Speak on that.

I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Gordo. I hit him up on the ‘gram one day and he got at me ASAP. We did our first song, which is on my first mixtape “Off the Count,” and our chemistry was unbelievable. So, he hit me again and told me he wanted to do an EP with me. So, we went out to New York City and we recorded a few tracks in the Heatmakerz studio, which was legendary. But unfortunately the Feds snatched me and he passed away. Real life type shit. LONG LIVE GORDO!

If you don’t mind me asking, what did you get incarcerated for?

Right now I’m being held in the federal system on a bank robbery charge. This my second time unfortunately. At the end of the day I’m in God’s hands, he has the last say. So, to all my supporters, just pray for me!

How long do you have left on your bid?

I’m still waiting for sentencing, so it’s still up in the air right now. The feds hold you for years before you know anything. So, again, pray for me.

You are not part of Griselda or B$F but instead have your own imprint 153rd Ent. Speak on that.

Yeah, shout out Griselda and the Sopranos but I’m from a different part of town and I’ve always been a leader, so I wanted to create my own imprint, and tell the story of where I’m from.

Benny the Butcher & Boons

Benny has made Montana Avenue famous, is 153rd Street close to Montana Avenue?

Lol. Nah, 153rd is a family not a block. We stayed in a house on Dodge and Michigan. The address was 153, so I started calling it 153rd to give it more character. We experienced everything in that house, but we was always together, no matter what. Shout out my cousin D Block.

I know your Uncle Sam is a big part of your rap career. Talk about his involvement.

Yeah, Uncle Sam is the big homie. None of this would be possible without Unc. Real shit, he’s like my dad, my brother…everything. Us black men don’t give each other flowers until it’s too late, but fuck that, I love you Unc.

Who are some other Buffalo rappers our readers should look out for?

Little KevMac, my little brother AJ, and my first artist on 153rd, Ayana Amour. Check her out, she’s raw.

Boons & RickHyde

Want to send a kite to Boons? Leave your prayers and well wishes for the homie in the comment section below and we’ll make sure he gets them.

Hold your head, Boons!


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