Premiere: Twan Mack Digs Up A New Gem Titled “Grave Digga” (Video)

Twan Mack where ya at?!

After 2 years of consistently dropping singles and videos, the Kareem City emcee/producer/beatbox decided to fall back to study and prepare.

Grave Digga” proves that the wait was worth it as he returns with a self produced joint that keeps Mack at the front of underground Hip Hop artists.

He drops jewels over an ominous track, which pays homage to late greats like Sean Price and Phife Dawg. Mack proclaims that he’s the “old head with grey dreads who makes bread/I once was hungry but nowadays I stay fed.”


The pandemic isn’t stopping Twan as he continues blazing a trail of Adult Contemporary Hip Hop through his music, visuals, and apparel.

If y’all didn’t know, Twan also brokers Hip Hop art and serves as a journalist for Weekly Rap GodsTap Da Mic podcast – available to watch via our IG page: @weeklyrapgods.

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