Premiere: Terror Van Poo & Vinny Idol Present “What Makes You Think You Can F#%k With Me?” (Video)

Terror Van Poo and Vinny Idol premiere “What Makes You Think You Can F#%k With Me?” video. The single is taken from their critically acclaimed collaborative album, ‘Terror Like It Is.”

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Terror Like It Is – Artwork

If any duo can resurrect Rock/Metal and fuse it with Hip Hop, it’s Terror Osborne and Vin Halen. Wearing Slasher wigs strapped with punk rocker guitars and chugging Bud Light’s, they solidify the track’s title…“See I don’t think you understand the game so let me take you for a ride” resonates throughout the comedic/cinematic video.

Regardless of what Terror Van Poo is wearing, where he’s at, and who he’s with, he refuses to dumb anything down. His aggressive lyrical deliverance calls out copycats who aren’t about that lifestyle and are scared to die.

“See I ain’t dumbing down nothing for you, now why would I do that?

Tryna bring me down to a lower level then call me super wack…”

The video portrays irony, terror, and wicked, yet infectious connotations. Watch the video below.


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