Franchise Liaison & Josh Lamont Feature Nems & Illa Ghee For “My Pet Vulture” Video

Often illuminated by the sun, it’s easy to forget the moon has a hidden dark side of its own. Peer into the darkness long enough, and those who live in the shadows will slowly begin to emerge. Welcome to the scary hours, where nighttime is permanent all year!

Shot on location in Coney Island by Tydro Elite, the boardwalk boys are back with the highly-anticipated video for “My Pet Vulture“. Produced by Josh Lamont (starring Franchise Liaison, NEMS, and Illa Ghee), take a stroll with the supervillains of rap while they readjust the temperature of the culture.

Now available on all DSP’s & YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. 


Franchise Liaison – @mierssociety | Josh Lamont – @thememusicjosh 
NEMS – @nems_fyl | Illa Ghee – @illaghee2k | Tydro Elite – @tydroelite