Premiere: Freestyle Cologne Do This “For The…” (Single)

The trio known as Freestyle Cologne has re-emerged from their respective dens with new track (that we are premiering) entitled “For The.” Composed of emcees Boxguts and LoDeck, as well as DJ ReddRokk, these vets have been getting it in on record and shows since the early days of the 2000’s.

Decidedly anti-glossy (as their bio says) and espousing a gonzo attack of ethereal and poetic rhymes, they do this music as the track says, “for the Convicts, for the ‘pharmacist’, for the  Bomberz, for the novelists, for the corners around the cosmos, for the doubters, oddballs, black swans and monoliths.”


Freestyle Cologne – “For The”

The track is their first leak from their forthcoming sophomore release L’eau De Guts to drop on 7/23 and was fully produced by ReddRokk and the California production duo known as the Golden Godz (Alkaline and Sol626).

Outliers of the NYC underground, Guts, Lo and Redd initially connected in the early days of the millennium while very active in that scene.  A relationship which was further cemented as Guts recalls “by moving into the J23 Mansion in Brooklyn around 2004, where Deck lived a block away.  There was a home recording set-up there and our legendary weekly poker games so it was constantly full of creative people and energy.” In 2011 they recorded the debut Because You Stink,

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