The Bad Seed is Ready To Square Off, Find Out Who’s Ready

Headlines read “Royce Da 5’9 and Lupe Fiasco Trade Bars On Instagram,” but what mainstream media sites fail to mention is what led up to that hype.

RJ Payne who skyrocketed from underground to mainstream tweeted “Right now nobody is rapping better than me and Ransom.” Royce Da 5’9 added, “Yea you said it…Ransom said it too…According to the constitution, 69 can say it too…Rappers say things…But I’m about that contact and I grew up with brothers, so I don’t mind squaring up with family… All y’all keep talking bout y’all the best like y ‘all don’t see me standing here with these war wounds. From now on, I’m from Missouri so call me when y’all ready to stop manifesting…And bring ya head gear along with your right mind because y’all seem to be out of y’alls…Sincerely…That Detroit N*gga.”

Following suit of that tweet, Hip Hop “titans” Rockness Monsta, Mickey Factz, Royce Da 5’9, Lupe Fiasco, Ransom, and RJ Payne (on the tail end) went live on Instagram chopping it up about competitive philandering, plans to create heat together, and of course the recipe to becoming a next-level lyricist.

The Bad Seed, an underground self-proclaimed gutter killer (lyrically) created his own post making it known that he’s ready to spar (respectfully in the classic sport of bar for bar). For those unfamiliar with Seed, not only is he on Hip Hop heads’ underground top 5, he is also a strong advocate for underground Hip Hop. “I just don’t want such greats to forget to mention us (underground emcees) in these pivotal conversations.” Fair to say that Lupe Fiasco might agree with that, “I told them n*ggas that…n*ggas don’t really want smoke they want “they type” of smoke. Safe famous smoke so they can explain how they win even if they lose.”

This is not an underground vs mainstream debacle, rather bringing light to Hip Hop talent regardless of stature… at one point we all came from a baseline.

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