ICYMI: Raf Almighty (Dirt Platoon) & BigBob (Known As Big Almighty) Release Joint ‘537 Dolphin Street’ LP

Raf Almighty of the gritty Baltimore duo Dirt Platoon and Canadian producer BigBob are BIG ALMIGHTY and they are preparing to take you on an enigmatic hip hop journey through the dark corners of Charm City on their upcoming LP, 537 Dolphin Street. Dropped on 4/9/21 – the album features Ill Conscious, Skanks The Rap Martryr, Snook Da Crook, Guy Grams and Ruste Juxx.


On the first single, “Broadway,” Raf and Ruste Juxx toe tag BigBob’s iron soundscape as LDonTheCut delivers killah kuts to facilitate the dirt. The b-side, Raf paints vivid images of his upbringing on “Dolphin Street” over another Grade A BigBob track while LDonTheCut adds on with more turntable sickness!

Physicals available here: https://www.elitesoundinternational.com