Premiere: Deuce Ellis Connects With Che Noir To “Spit Acid” At The Comp

Brooklyn transplant Deuce Ellis is back with “Spit Acid,” the lead single off his upcoming full-length album “Acid.” After giving fans the feature packed “Midnight Ouroboros” last year, he wanted to return with a focus on his production and lyricism. The sound architecture on “Acid” was wholly created by Deuce on his acoustic guitar, bass, keys, and MPC. In fact, he played a number of compositions just so he could then sample them.

The bass-driven swing of “Spit Acid” is nothing like what’s out there right now. Deuce sparks the track with a cocksure verse, which is followed up by blistering 16 from the Queen of Upstate New York herself, Che Noir. The song is rounded out with deft cuts by D. Spliff.