M.O.U.F. Prepares to Release New Album, ‘Day Breakers’

Lyricism, word play, and extended metaphors are all aspects of hip hop and the reason so many are fascinated and drawn to the genre. For the listeners, the bars and beats embrace their minds and hearts as they resonate with the stories being told. For the rappers, hip hop is a form of expression and an opportunity to spread their messages to the masses. 

M.O.U.F., short for “Move Over U Finished”, fell in love with hip hop as he witnessed his older brother bless the DJ booth throughout his childhood. Growing up in The Bronx, NY, M.O.U.F was surrounded by the best of the best in regards to rap. Listening to Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, DJ Kid Capri, and DJ Doo Wop, invited him into the world of music eventually making it his home. At the age of 14, M.O.U.F. began freestyling and perfecting his craft. Soon after, his pen became a weapon of lethal force as he prepared to release original music. 

Opening for hip hop legend, Mr. Cheeks, has been one of the most memorable performances during M.O.U.F.’s career. The lyricist stated, “The club was packed and opening up for a legend was an amazing experience.” He also had the honor of collaborating with Freeway, Keith Murray, and John Jigg$. Now, M.O.U.F. is preparing to release yet another outstanding project titled, “Daybreakers”! As my interview continued with the gifted rapper he stated, “Good music is what sums up my next project. I’m giving my fans what they have been waiting for….bars and lyricism. Stuff that people will understand.”

You can catch M.O.U.F. posting his infamous freestyles on his Instagram. His delivery and energy will surely captivate you. Be sure to follow him on Instagram as he is getting ready to shock the airwaves with new music!


Written by: Julz Mancini