Premiere: NyceDaFuture And Havoc Join Forces To Let The Comp Know Who Is The “Boss Of The Bosses”

Over their careers Prodigy (RIP) and Havoc of Mobb Deep put the spotlight on many talented newcomers including Rapper Noyd, Big Twins, Ty Nitty, Godfather Pt. III, Un Pacino, NyceDaFuture, and most recently Flee Lord. If you’re not familiar with Nyce, just know he has been making music with P and Hav since the mid-2000s. In fact, heads should know him from his appearance on Mobb Deep’s 2006 studio album “Blood Money.”

Now, Nyce hasn’t dropped a proper project for a couple years, so his upcoming collab EP with Havoc, “Future of the Streets,” marks a return of sorts. Hav produces all 8 tracks on the EP and raps on the lead single, “Boss of the Bosses,” which we are premiering here today.

The beat here is built around a laidback clarinet loop that demands a calm, collected flow. So, both Nyce and Hav bring that “Quiet Storm” vibe.