Ty Farris & Machacha Rep the 3-1-3 With New ‘Dark Nights & D Fitted’s’ EP

Whaddup doe?! Ty Farris starts his 2021 campaign with a gritty and gutter infused project. Dark Nights & D Fitted’s EP was designed to give a certain aura and feeling. The canvases were provided by Denmark’s Finest Machacha, a producer seasoned in this field and sound of the underground. Per usual Ty delivers introspective raps with feeling but this time it’s darker with more visuals. The collaboration was sparked by one of the leading labels in the vinyl field Copenhagen Crates which resides in Denmark as well. This project is for the listeners that enjoy raw beats and descriptive lyrics and wittiness. The project is out now! And the 1st visual is as well. “From A Boy To A Man” shot by Envysion Entertainment.

This is a Copenhagen & BarsOverBs Release and merch drops April 28th.

Vinyl: cphcrates.com
CD’s and Cassettes: barsoverbs.com

Watch “From A Boy To A Man” (Full Video)

DSP’s Links: https://linktr.ee/CopenhagenCrates

Bandcamp Link: https://copenhagencrates.bandcamp.com/album/dark-nights-and-d-fitteds