Jae Hussle Teams Up with Str8 Bangaz on ‘Conscious Money’ EP

Rugged Triad’s own Jae Hussle connects with powerful production duo Str8 Bangaz to create an instant classic. The soundscape ranges from melodic to hardcore. True hip hop heads will appreciate the witty lyricism that compliments the heavy tracks. Str8 Bangaz always gives polished pulsating beats that are innovative, yet true to the essence of hip hop. Jae Hussle handles the project with no features, simply highlighting his own skills and prowess on the mic. The eight track EP has some fiery tracks that will captivate avid boom bap fans. The concept of the album is clever as it reflects on economic empowerment and making informed moves regarding the welfare of your family. The art is a perfect touch to make the body of work cohesive. I love when things are in sync and correlate in a project. Be sure to secure a copy of Conscious Money now!

Purchase Here: https://jaehussle.bandcamp.com/album/conscious-money