New video: Piff James (Outsidaz) is the “Gangsta Shaman”

Many fans of the early battle-rap days will fondly remember Piff James (and his partner Hommy Hom).  His grimy delivery (as well as his time as a member of the legendary Outsidaz crew) definitely doesn’t lend itself to new-age holisitics.  However in  his last video “Constant Elevation” and this newest one “Gangsta Shaman” he definitely has one foot in the etheral and one rooted in the streets.

Speaking on the joint (currently available as a single via Gold Chain Music) he said “the beast is always there, I’m not on a new age trip, I’m just as loud as I always was but I’m trying to balance it.”

Apparently this is a loosie to tide fans over until his forthcoming project with Los Angeles production duo, DirtyDiggs manifests later this year.

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