Tiye Phoenix & Tiffany Goode Take You High On New “Elevation” Single

Hip-Hop rhyme veteran and artist Tiye Phoenix and respected trumpeter Tiffany Goode have come together for their new eclectic single, “Elevation.” This jazzy and smooth, yet bouncy track fearlessly defies current Hip-Hop expectations and sounds. Tiye describes the feel-good song as “high frequency music” composed and written with the intention to free minds and lift spirits into new stratospheres.

Although many audiences know Tiye as a lyricist, she began her relationship with music when she learned to play the piano as a child. Having always respected women musicians, she linked with Tiffany Goode, a talented acclaimed trumpeter who has released several highly respected solo albums in the Jazz world.

“Elevation” is a Hip-Hop “gumbo” of sorts, providing audiences a taste of rap, trap, jazz, soul and new age genres, all fused into one groovy and melodic sound. The track orchestrated by Brooklyn-based platinum producer Bvtman provided the ideal sonic backdrop for Tiye’s diverse flow and high vibrational lyrical content as well as Goode’s hypnotic trumpet lines.

When we asked Tiye how the song came about, this is what she said:

While writing the lyrics and developing the song, I was driving through the mountains and saw a sign on the side of the road that read, “Elevation 1264 ft”, meaning 1264 feet above sea level. I saw that as a sign to title the song “Elevation”, lyrically discussing the feeling of rising to greater heights of self.

Elevation” is now available for streaming and download on all digital platforms.