Bub Styles & Dot Demo Initiate Us Into the “Carhartt Cartel” (Video)

Brooklyn heavyweight (literally, standing at 6ft 4in and weighing over 300lbs) Bub Styles returns with new visuals this morning.  “Carhartt Cartel” filmed by Gee, follows Bub and his Bronx Co-D, Dot Demo dropping wavvy bars while posted up in the corner bodega.

The joint’s stolid and somber tones are courtesy of long-time Bub ally Ace Fayce (who produced both Bub’s solo album, Very Sucio, Muy Picante album and an EP for his duo, FLEEMRKT entitled Get Rich Or Go Broke last year).

This is the first shot from his Outerwear Szn LP to drop this Friday (3/19) and features an appearance from his FLEEMRKT rhyme-partner ARXV as well as production from NV, Dray Yard, Rocone, Michaelangelo, Dredi, Retrospec and Brassxbeard.

More info: Here