Configa & HaStyle Present Fiery ‘The ConfigHas Crates’ Album

Golden Era Hip Hop enthusiasts aren’t likely to turn on the radio and hear their favorite emcees and producers going in anymore due to the over saturation and appeal of rap that appeals to the new generation. In no way does this mean that quality projects aren’t being released worldwide, however.

This is evidenced by the latest release by UK producer extraordinaire Configa and his partner in crime HaStyle and their star studded collaboration “Configa Presents: The ConfigHas Crates”.


Configa has been extremely busy in recent years having crafted soundscapes for Chuck D of Public Enemy and most recently Arrested Development and Speech’s latest international releases.

The 11 track opus features Hip Hop legends and heavyweights including Sadat X, Rah Digga, Nine, Wordsworth, El Da Sensei, Prince Po, and Chino XL. HaStyle represents his brand each time he’s placed next to one of the aforementioned greats.

What’s really dope about this release is none of the joints sound the same or share the same vibe, yet everything is cohesive.

The Breakdown

“AlphaBits” rocks from out the gate. It brought me back to UMC’s “Blue Cheese”. Has displays lyrical prowess while moving through the alphabet in chronological order over a Configa funky banger.

“Now” finds HaStyle and Nine dropping DOPE verses over an ill crafted Configa joint. Nine’s cadence is dope as always, while his bars definitely resonate with fans of lyricism.

“Enemies Closer” is one of the standout joints; Sadat’s signature cadence and bars compliment Configa’s dope production, while HaStyle drops jewels advising us all to be aware of who we roll with.

Flipmode Empress Rah Digga provides dope bars on the 420 ode “Sticky” over a track that takes you back to JVC Force’s “Strong Island”.

“Lik A Shot” immediately pops off with a track mirroring the Mecca and the Soul Brother era. HaStyle, Wordsworth and Rashan don’t disappoint with their bars; sucker emcees definitely will hide their heads when listening to this one.

“Mind Control” has the feel of Charles Bronson meets 007. HaStyle delves into secret society, illuminati realization style bars. There are so many lines in this song that grab the brain. El Da Sensei completes the cipher with his signature CRAZY flow. They BOTH killed this.

“World War Rap” finds Configa harnessing the early 90’s on this track and I LOVE IT. Has maintains a flow you never get sick of because he can slow it down or speed it up, never losing his impact or confusing the listener. PRINCE PO, yes I said PRINCE PO, comes through letting you know that HE NEVER LEFT. CRAZY Bars. Thus the reason real emcees deify him to this day.

On “Soldiers March”  Configa is at his BEST. The track has a TRON like feel to it. The drums are INSANE. Has takes us through post-apocalyptic earth. Out of nowhere CHINO XL drops in to seal the fate of sucker emcees with the flow that made him a household name for real barsonists.

ConfigHas Crates is a bright light amongst music being released recently. None of the subject matter mirrors each other. The tracks are diverse and banging. The wordplay is supreme. The production is world-class.

You definitely wanna check this out…

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