Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore Share Their Black History Month Anthem, “Black Is…” (feat. DSTL, Sareem Poems & Rich Medina)

On their new single “Black Is…”, the duo of Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore celebrate and unpack the history of what it means to be Black in America with some help from DSTL, Sareem Poems, and Rich Medina.

The track opens beautifully with some powerful words from DSTL and soulful production from Tall Black Guy. We’re then treated to back-to-back verses from longtime collaborators, Ozay and Sareem, who continue to kill it on the mic as a tag team. They both deliver incredibly thoughtful bars filled with standout quotables, including Ozay’s “Despite the constructs, we construct better together / Praise God for the melanin, it feel better than ever” and Sareem’s “Current state of things makes hope hard to see / A hug and smile from my two boys changes everything.”

Their lyrics are especially potent because they’re balanced by thoughts of pain and stress, allowing for verses that convey feelings of hope in spite of it all. And it’s that overall feeling that Rich Medina captures throughout his closing words, which serve to highlight the bullshit that is white supremacy and the continued strength it takes to push through it.

“Black Is…” may be supported through your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform via Coalmine Records.

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