Sivion x DertBeats Release ‘Butterfly Sessions: Beats by Dert’

We’re pleased to share about the release of Sivion x DertBeats collaborative album. It’s available on vinyl for the first time and in record stores worldwide via Fat Beats. They added a new bonus track featuring Sareem Poems and Sojourn. You may know DertBeats from various House Shoes and Street Corner Music releases.

Sivion x DertBeats
“Butterfly Sessions: Beats by Dert”


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Sivion and DertBeats joined forces to release Butterfly Sessions in 2010 via Illect Recordings. Now 10 years later, the project is pressed to vinyl for the first time.

With a delicate touch of jazz and a sweet note of soul, the project brings out the best from the duo. Sivion offers his familiar introspective and soulful lyricism and Dert’s production keeps the head steady noddin’.

Features include Othello aka Ozay Moore, Sareem Poems, Sojourn, DJ Because, DJ Aslan, & consafos.

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Free download on Bandcamp

Vinyl LP in record stores worldwide via Fat Beats and online