M.A.V. & Hobgoblin Unleash ‘Angelz and Demonz 3’ LP

M.A.V. & Hobgoblin release ‘Angelz and Demonz 3‘. This treacherous trilogy is just what the underground needs – sinister soundscapes with lethal lyricism from heavy hittin’ features. The production is potent and packs a punch! Hobgoblin offers a menacing, yet melodic masterpiece. M.A.V. gives us elevated and competitive bar game. Features include Jamil Honesty, Jamal Gasol, Vinnie Paz , ILL Conscious, Mooch, Ty Farris and many more. This is an innovative project that raises the bar on not only delivery, but the impeccable art concept. 

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My fav joints are “The Help,” “Killer,” “Piece of Work” and “Forbidden Fruit.” Those are the stand outs to me, but the entire project is wavy. I love the basement type boom bap sound. ‘Angelz and Demonz 3‘ is devilishly delightful for true hip hop enthusiasts who enjoy raw unabashed unapologetic music. Check out the third installment of Angelz and Demonz now!