Premiere: Cee “Doodlebug” Knowledge Presents ‘The Calidelphian’ Album

Cee “Doodlebug” Knowledge of the legendary Hip Hop group Digable Planets premieres his new 13-track project titled ‘The Calidelphian’ available exclusively at Along with the project, fans also have an opportunity to order limited edition CDs and ‘The Calidelphian’ bundle pack.


The “cool like that” cosmic philosopher enlists a diversified starship of music elites including Marchitect, Jorge Dubman, R. Shimura, Mos Beats, Nimzo, The Gorilla Monstuh, Meeco, KRWN, Ernie Dozier, Nex Millen, Lizzy Jeff, Arte Mariii, Ursula Rucker, and Lafemme Nikkita. Each track transcends listeners through a funky galaxy encircled with “ghetto philosophies” and mind-shaping instrumental kaleidoscopes. One thing can be said whether rhyming in Philly or Cali, Cee Knowledge hasn’t lost sight of his agility to unshakably push the outer limits of Hip Hop and music in general.


“The Cosmicfunkentelechy” introduces the album with Cee’s cosmic flow reminding us there’s only one cat in the game who can stimulate all five senses with his ingenious use of metaphoric free form. “Seguir Em Frente” is a duet of soulful stories with an imperative message to live one’s best life. “Locals” is a track that can sum up Cee Knowledge in just a few minutes…although known globally he still acts locally and even antisocial on social media, but his music serves as therapy through speakers. “No Monkey Junk” piggybacks “Locals” and allows the music to speak for itself. From east to west and north to south Cee’s dismissing monkey junk rappers. The guitar and bass drive this track home with a blended vibe session of The Doors and Carlos Santana meets Cee Knowledge.

“Foundation” pays homage to the spark that ignited Cee’s purpose…Hip Hop…He was raised when youth meant innocence and when digging in the crates inspired and perfected the craft of emceeing. “Like Father Like Sun” touches upon life experiences. Completely different and from their perspectives, KRWN expresses the struggle to be the man he’s supposed to be while grasping at happiness and Cee shares the key to master one’s self. A comedic skit from a scandalous preacher intros “Thoro Breds.” A bit harder in his deliverance, Cee paints a vivid canvas of his attempt at a 9-5 and street antics. The end result, he’s too smooth for both and can’t live a facade like too many do on a daily. “Get High” serves as an intermission for the album, giving listeners a moment to kick back and roll one but take heed to the rules of engagement before you spark up.

“Progress” is the pivotal record off the album, the track that raises every arm and neck hair. The mix of spoken word and lyrical acrobatics is sure to resonate and spark a new mindset. Instead of focusing on oppression, let’s set our sights on progression with health, self-worth, unity, and utilizing communities to create a new system. “Love Is Love” speaks on the gloss of love and its’ enticing effects. Remember to give everything your all and don’t get caught up in meaningless idiocies.

“Do The Knowledge,” more of an upbeat tempo is minutes of jewel dropping and Cee declaring that nothing can tame him. He found himself through sounds and with each new creation he continues to dive deep. “Family Biz,” the finale of ‘The Calidelphian’, embodies not only the bond between Cee Knowledge and his son and family but a testament to living like bosses through family ties because everything else is just a lie.


The Calidelphian” depicts the Cali and Philly in Cee Knowledge stamped with his signature galactic style, which synchronizes perfectly with classic Hip Hop cuts and scratches, jazz-infused soul, and funky rhythm and blues. Get your copy of the album exclusively on Bandcamp.