SpitSickBeats, Apathy & ChangerMusic Put Their “Fist Up” (Video)

Fist Up” is the second single from SpitSickBeats & ChangerMusic‘s “Steel Money” album, which dropped January 11, 2021. The album features former Death Row artist RBX and AOTP/Demigodz‘s Apathy as well as Jersey’s Ren Thomas and Canadian legend Lee Reed amongst others.

“Fist Up” is a fun, party Hip-Hop song. This Boom Bap rock vibe, celebrates traditional old school roots and is a 90’s type anthem. The lyrics from Apathy and Changer, urge us to get our fists up for the golden era of celebrating originality and traditional Hip-Hop cultural aspects, that now of days, keeps fading away to the new trap artist era. Listen Now and get ya FIST up.