Qwazaar & Batsauce Link With Hellsent For Spooky New Single “No Ghosts”

Qwazaar & Batsauce are back at it again with their tried and true formula of classic boom bap beats and raw raps. In case you’re not familiar, Qwa is a founding member of the renowned Chicago crew Typical Cats, while Bat was a member of the funky and now defunct Smile Rays. The Chi emcee and Jacksonville producer met in Berlin, Germany in 2008 and their instant chemistry has produced three projects since then: “Style Be The King” (2011),“ Bat Meets Blaine” (2011), and “Stress Chasers” (2014).

Their upcoming album is titled ‘Stoned Giant‘ and drops on February 5th. “No Ghosts” is the lead single and video off the project and features Bat and Qwa’s frequent collaborator Hellsent. Due to the global pandemic, and the fact that Bat is currently living in Da Nang, Vietnam, the three artists each filmed their parts separately. Nonetheless, some quality editing and a color filter bring it all together as a cohesive whole.