Premiere: Reallyhiiim & Puzzle (The Crux) Recruit Planet Asia For “Roots Of Nazareth” + Interview

Today we are premiering “Roots Of Nazareth” a new heater featuring underground legend, Planet Asia.  The track is the 2nd leak from forthcoming The Crux project which drops this Friday (1/22).  The Crux is the work of Syracuse, NY beatsmith Reallyhiiim (whose calling card as a producer was last year’s EP with childhood friend B.A. Badd entitled Really Him) and executive producer Puzzle (who as a co-founder of multimedia company, The Diggers and has worked as a video director, photojournalist, documentary film-maker with such names as Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, Alchemist and Sha Money XL).

Another single from the project “Hezekia Flow” featuring Willie The Kid recently dropped with the video treatment (link below) and though Reallyhiiim and Puzzle have kept it on the low, apparently the project boasts an all-star list of spitters throughout.  Below you will find a short Q&A with Reallyhiiim and our premiere of “Roots Of Nazareth.”



Being that this is your first full project as a producer, how did you select which emcees to be on this project?

Puzzle and I collaborated on everything including choosing which artists to work with.  Every artist on the project brought out the most of the production and visa versa.

Being that you used to emcee, does that insight help you on the style of beats/samples you use? What is your production set-up?

Being a former emcee definitely helps me with sequence structure.  I try to give the rapper room to breath on the beat and not over-produce.  As far as my set-up I dig and use FL Studio.

How does being from Syracuse inform who you are as an artist/producer?  Did you have early insight to any of the emcees that have broken through from Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse?

Being from Syracuse motivated me to always try and make the best beats in the room.  I want people to know my town is super fire! Anyone who broke out of Syracuse I’ve worked with at some point in my life.  Puzzle and B.A BADD put me on to all the dope shit from the other upstate cities a few years ago.

Do you have a favorite joint on the album personally and why?

My favorite song at the moment is “Roots of Nazareth” fest Planet Asia.  It just reminds me of some soulful wavy shit.  It’s a vibe you don’t hear too much anymore.


Are you currently working on anything else?

This is the first release from puzzle and I.  We’ll continue to collaborate on a bunch of projects this year.  A lot of shit people wouldn’t expect.

The Crux will be available via bandcamp on 1/22 (when they announce the full tracklist).