Jamal Gasol says “This Rap Shit Is Wrestling” in new video

Off the top turnbuckle, Niagara Falls, NY’s Jamal Gasol returns! In a new video (animated by Dead Fucking Hippie) accompanied by production from The Standouts (Bub Rock, Eddie Kaine) he breaks down his current perception of the game.

This track appears on The World Is Piff 2.5 release which is a free download for the fans and also features appearances from Street Justice, Rico Tell’em and Trendsetta Bishop7. Beats are provided by ManZu Beatz, Giallo Point, TheStandOuts, Knonsense, THRVD and Baritone Brown.

Gasol is also promoting the release of his new full-length, The Ghost Of Fritz, which is fully produced by his close comrade, Quis Star. The project features appearances from BigTwins, Rome Streetz, Jynx716, Washy, 38 Spesh and Yaya.

Below is new video from that project “Iverson Finish” (Prod by Quis Star)

Purchase The World Is Piff 2 / The Ghost Of Fritz and download Piff 2.5 now

More info: https://www.instagram.com/whoisjamalgasol/