Super Producer Domingo Tells All In Exclusive Interview

Legendary Hip Hop producer Domingo has created tracks for so many greats (he mentioned them below). His catalogue is amazing. He has been a staple in the culture. It’s my extreme honor and pleasure to highlight his vast accomplishments in this exclusive interview.



Who are your musical influences?

Growing up, my main influence was my Uncle Doug. He was a Dj in the neighborhood and used to Dj in a lounge in my neighborhood on weekends and I would go with him to watch him rock the crowd. I use to be in awe at how he did that. Then the first time he played “Rappers Delight,” I was sold on Hip Hop. Even though he used to play “King Tim III” a lot too, I never knew that was considered a Hip Hop record at the time. So from there, I was inspired to be a Dj, which is what I did first. Then I got inspired to be a rapper and made my own demo tapes using 2 cassette decks before I got my first 4 track. I used to listen to the Mr. Magic’s “Rap Attack” faithfully and recorded it every time it was on WBLS in NY. Marley Marl was the Dj and when I heard his production, he immediately became my main inspiration on the production side. There are a few others who I looked up to at the time too, such as Hank Shocklee and the Bomb Squad, and Large Professor.

When did you start making beats?

I was making my own beats and demos since 1985. I used to do songs with some of my friends and make their beats as well. I believe I had it in me to be a producer since I was 14 because I just knew how the music should sound and I have NEVER read any manual on how to work any drum machine or keyboard. It was just like a God given gift to be able to walk up to a drum machine and immediately know what to do.

What’s your creative process when making music?

I am a weirdo when it comes to my music making process. I have to be inspired to make a beat. Like an artist has to be inspired to paint something, I have to be inspired to make a beat. And keeping it 100% honest, the way Hip Hop has downturned, I have zero inspiration to make a beat so I have not done so in well over a year. I have decided to recruit young hungry producers and do for them what Marley did for me. BUT when I am inspired, I am very picky on what I sample to make the beat. And if I am not feeling it, even when I am done, it will get scrapped. The end result though, to most of this, is what you hear when I drop music.

Tell us about who you have produced for.

Domingo Discography:

• 3 6 Mafia – Adventures in Hollyhood (MTV score)
• Alicia Keys – 3 Unreleased Untitled songs
• Amy Winehouse – “Stronger Than Me” (Remix – Jan 08)
• Angie Martinez – “Suavamente (f/ Wyclef Jean)”
• Apocalypse – “Cuts On My Wrist,” “Talk To Em”
• Bamboo – “Not The Ones To Sleep,” “My Right Hand,” “From The Get Up”
• Bernie Mac – TV Show [Soundtrack]
• Big Ben – “Unfinished Business”
• Big Daddy Kane – “Flame On”
• Big Punisher – “Dream Shatterer,” ” Bx Niggaz,” “Beware (Remix),” “Symphony 2000 (Remix)”
• Boogiemonsters – “Beginning of the End,” “Behold The Pale Horse,” “Whoever You Are,” “Strange (Divine Mariner Mix)”
• Bone Thugs N Harmony – “1st Of The Month (Remix)”
• Bones Soundtrack
• Canibus – “Formula One,” “Pine Cone Poem,” “All Clap”
• Carlito’s Way – soundtrack music
• Channel Live – “Maintain,” “Live For Hip-Hop,” “360,” “RethinkReplan Refine,” “Illegal Broadcasters,” “Spark Dat (f/ Benny Boom & Truck Turner)”
• Chords – “Days Chasing Days (f/ Tonedeff),” “Searching For Dreams”
• Chubb Rock – “East vs West”
• Cocoa Brovaz – “Play No Games”
• Craig G. – “Do It Again”
• Craig Mack – “The HA HA HA,” “On Da Run”
• Crooked I – “Loyalty” (f/ Kool G Rap, Cormega, Chris Rivers, Whispers)
• CunninLynguists – “Southernunderground (title song)”
• Das EFX – “If U Luv”
• Deacon The Villain – “Next To Die”
• Dhark Citi – “Petrified”
• Dilated Peoples – “Certified Official”
• DJ JS-1 – “Essentials (f/ KRS & Rahzel)”
• Domingo Presents – “Behind The 13th Floor” Full LP
• Domingo – “Dulce de Leche” Full LP
• Domingo – “Para Mi Gente – Estamos Unidos” Full LP
• Domingo – “Same Game New Rules” Full Lp
• Domingo – “The Most Underrated” Full Lp
• Domingo – “Generation Next”
• Drake – “All Me” ( Writer/Publishing Ownership share)
• Eminem – “Hustlers & Hardcore”
• Fat Cat Kareem – “Money Game”
• Fat Joe – “Success,” “Part Deux,” “Say Word,” “Dedication”
• First Platoon – “Bodega,” “Knockin At My Door”
• Full Nelson – “Candela (f/ SU),” “Toma Lo Que Tengo”
• Funkmaster Flex Vol.3 – “KRS Freestyle”
• Game Over – Various Artists LP
• Game Over 2 – Various Artists LP.
• GP100 feat. M.O.P “Salute Welcome to the House of Wolvez”
• Godsons – “718,” “Sunday Morning,” “Bacardi & Smoke,” “Official,” “Watch What You Say”
• Guatauva – Hip-Hop Side of self-titled LP,
• High & Mighty – “Rumble”
• Hurricane G – “Wuteva,” “Underground Lockdown,” “Coast To Coast,” “De Corazon,” “Neva Give Up,” “Mama,” “Sound Like Me”
• I-BORN – “Uncle & Nephew,” “Me & You”
• Immortal Technique – “Internally Bleeding,” “Sierra Maestra”
• Infamous Mobb – “Mobb Niggaz (f/ Prodigy)”
• Irv Gotti show – MTV score music
• Jeep – Commercial
• Joell Ortiz – “Exactly” – “That’s Hip Hop” Entire Lp
• Kid Frost – “East Side Rendezvous (RMX)”
• K-Slash – “Blow It Up, Shut It Down”
• Kool G. Rap – “Rising Up,” “What’s More Realer Than That,” “Take A Loss,” “Sex, Money, Drugs,” “My Life (f/ CNN)”
• KRS-One – “The M.C.” (GOLD), “Clear Em Out (f/ Tonedeff),” “Temple Tactics”, “The Warning Shot,” “$20G’s” “Hip-Hop Knowledge,” “What Kind Of World”, “Crush Them,” “Illegal Business 2004,” “Are You Ready For This,” “Me Man”, “New York, New York”
• Lady Red – “Dona Roja,” “Talk Game,” “Me & You”
• Lady Of Rage – Unreleased Song ft. Nate Dogg
• Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz – “UNTITLED” (UNRELEASED)
• Main One – “Pause 2 The Drama,” “El Gran Combo,” “4 My Shorties”
• Maniac Men – “Mecca”
• Masta Ace – “No Regrets,” “Dear Diary,” “The Type I Hate,” “Alphabet Soup”
• Mecca – “Beastin”
• Mexicano 777 – “Balumbalang (f/ KRS-One),” “Llegamo (f/ Tomorrowz Weaponz),” “Bums In The Alley (f/ BA Xcalaba & Tonedeff),” “Tiempo de Empezar,” “Tears Of Blood (f/ Flo Brown),” “Guerreros (f/ Mad Lion),” “Funcion Mental”
• Nature – “Can I Get Some Pussy?”
• Nike – “Soccer commercial”
• Non-Phixion – “Caught Between Worlds”
• Official Jointz – “The Difference Vol.1” LP
• Okwerdz – “Time For A Change”
• One Tough Cop – Soundtrack Music
• OZ Soundtrack – “OZ Theme 2001 (f/ Kool G Rap, Lord Jamar, and Talib Kweli)”
• PackFM – “The Fuck,” “I Can’t Win,” “Ignorance Is Bliss (f/ Apathy & Deacon),” “Let’s Rap”
• Paula Perry – “Fort Knox”
• Punch & Words – “Native New Yorker”
• QN5 Allstars – “Slogans”
• Rakim – “Watch This,” “Bring It On”
• Ras Kass – “Got You Too Hot (f/ Diezel Don & Hurricane G)”, “John Is Real”
• Rahzel – “How Many Times (f/ Keith Murray & Lord Tariq)”
• Red Hot & Latin – AIDS Awareness: “Padre Nuestro”
• Rise – “From A Child To The MC”
• Royal Flush – “Double Up (f/ Big L & Kool G. Rap),” “Do It”
• Rugged Intellect – “Say Goodbye,” “Gonna Move,” “Next Dose,” “By Any Means”
• Sean Price (aka Ruck) – “Irrationally Speaking,” “El Du Que”
• Session – “Soulcrush,” “The MC 2003”
• Shaquille O’Neal – “Best To Worst,” “Edge of Night,” “The Bigger They R”
• Sinz of Reality – “Sinz of Reality”
• Slick Rick – “Trouble On The Westside Highway”
• Supastition – “It’s Over Now”
• Thor-El – “Who R U Frontin 4?,” “T.O.P,” “Is You Is,” “Patiently”
• Tomorrowz Weaponz – “Que Que?,” “Para Que Sepan”
• Tonedeff – “Spanish Song,” “Heads Up,” “Ridiculous,” “Loyal (Original),” “Hypocrite” “Case Closed,” “Give A Damn”
• Tony Touch – “50 Emcees Intro”
• Tony Yayo – “Homicide”
• Truck Turner – “Truck Turner,” “5 Deadly Games”

UPDATE: Domingo clears up the confusion surrounding Blahzay Blahzay‘s “Danger” production credit, which actually goes to PF Cuttin (see below):

Executive Production:

• Wolfpack – Omar Epps+G Sharp: Full LP [UNRELEASED]
• Blahzay Blahzay – “Danger (When the East Is In the House)”
• Kool G Rap – “Half a Klip”
• Ras Kass – “Institutionalized Vol 2”
• Necro & Kool G Rap – “The GodFathers”
• Canibus – “Full Spectrum Dominance” 1 & 2
• Chris Rivers – “Delorean”
• Whispers – “Whismonoxide”
• Denzil Porter – “Semantics Of Mr. Porter”


What’s a stand out project of yours that you felt you outdid yourself on?

Excellent question. I felt every record I have ever produced I gave my all on. So I would say the standouts would be the demos I produced for Alicia Keys when she was, I believe, 15 back then. They have never been released and I even don’t remember what they sound like, but hey, I know I did My producer albums to me are standouts because they represented me as an artist, while producing artists that I like. Of course, the most recognition I get is for “Dream Shatterer” on Big Pun’s “Capital Punishment” album. But if people would read my discography, they wouldn’t usually go, “Oh Shit! I did not know you did that song!” Yea I did…lol

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Any talented artist that is the future, like Lil Dee from Coney Island. That kid has a definite future in Hip Hop. So any artist that is pushing the bar to go higher, I am down to work with.

Any upcoming projects?

We released the “Full Spectrum Dominance” EP series with Canibus thru my label/website: I have a project coming up with Lil Dee, Chyno Nyno, Real Biggz, Thanos Beats, and an EP from Me. I have singles coming with CrimeApple, Whispers, Joell Ortiz, and a few other surprises.

Who are your favorite producers?

Marley Marl, Just Blaze, Dj Premier, Large Professor, Diamond D, Showbiz, Buckwild, Alchemist, Sir Jinx, Dr. Dre, Marco Polo.

Name three hip hop albums you think had flawless production.

  • Nas – Illmatic
  • Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders
  • Ice Cube – Amerikkkas Most Wanted

If we checked out your playlist, who would be in rotation right now? Who are some of your favorite current artists?

Lil Dee, Nems, Nick Grant, 38 Spesh, Benny The Butcher, Scarface, Pounds, Chris Rivers, Eto.

What do you think of the evolution of Hip Hop as it relates to technology, social media, content, producers, etc?

The evolution is good for Hip Hop as long as it is positive evolution. Artists then and now need to adapt to different ways to reinvent themselves to go along with the technology of the world. If you can keep your fans interested and thinking of new ways to present your product as an artist, you will be ok. If you get lazy and think the fan is always going to be there…you’re dead wrong. Fans love the interaction, the ability to relate to their favorite artists. So you create that experience for the fan and you will win every time. Right now, we have more “rappers” and “producers” then fans. If we can get back to people just being fans instead of thinking, “Oh, I can do that too” and they sound horrible…just be a fan, appreciate your artists, and keep supporting them. Let them be the voice for you.

If you could produce for a Hip Hop supergroup, who would you select as members and why?

I am all about lyrics with an artist. I like artists who can say some slick shit and make you think. With that said, I think Slaughterhouse would have been that supergroup for me. I know pretty simple answer…LOL.


I would like to thank Domingo for this very insightful and informative interview. His contributions to music as a whole is remarkable. The music he created for Hip Hop is epic, nostalgic, and unparalleled. He is a true iconic whose groundbreaking production is timeless.


And the list goes on and on and on…

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