Interview + Track Premiere: Bub Styles & Ace Fayce Are “Talking Spicy”

With a project title that translates to “very dirty, very spicy,” it should be no mystery what Brooklyn spitter, Bub Styles, brings to the booth.  The self-proclaimed “cold-cut king of Brooklyn” stands at over 6 ft 4 inches and weighs-in at over 300 lbs, and like-so his tales of the come-up are larger than life. With long-time production partner, Ace Fayce, the duo are about to release Very Sucio, Muy Picante, which he describes as “dark and cinematic.” The duo have been churning out high-quality videos over the past year in advance of the project to whet the appetite (some of which appear below).

Let’s get into our exclusive conversation with the BK duo as well as the world premiere of new single, “Dope Smokers Anonymous” from the album featuring Estee Nack.

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Bub Styles & Ace Fayce


Bub, you have been gaining a lot of traction in the last few years, how long have you been emceeing and when do you feel like it started to gel (as far as getting recognition) goes? Ace, same question as far as producing.

Ace: I’m not really sure that I am getting “traction” like that yet, because my output has been very limited so far. I plan on putting myself out there a little more in the upcoming year though, so maybe that traction will come. Definitely getting love from the people who do know of my music though, so shout out to them! Always very humbling to see strangers express their appreciation for my music. That even one complete stranger knows and bumps my music is still crazy to me.

I’ve been producing as a hobby since around 2005, and started to take it more seriously around 2012. Don’t think I really found my pocket sonically until maybe 2-3 years ago. Lots of trial and error (and unsuccessfully trying to emulate my favorite producers’ sounds).

Bub: Yea bro the growth been really dope. I started out like maybe 7-8 years back just basically fuckin’ around wit some homies that were already doin music. I was always around my peoples cookin’ up but never really had any interest in doing the shit myself until one day I just tried it out. The response from my friends off that first joint was OD so it just made me want to start cooking up shit on my own.

I waited til my style was on point before dropping my first project FATBOY SESSIONS in 2016. Since then I’ve dropped 6 projects and I feel like each one getting more love than the last, it’s a beautiful thing. I would say my last collab project with Ace Long Nights, Cold Winters in 2017 was really key in solidifying my sound, from there I feel like muffuckas really knew what time it was. Then all the “BOARS HEAD BUBS” shit came along and now they really know what it is.

Do you guys hang outside of making music? What do y’all like to do outside of music? (career, hobbies, training) if you don’t mind answering.

Ace: We definitely hang outside making music. Bub is my guy for real outside the music shit. Outside of music, I’m an avid film buff and can probably be found somewhere sitting in the dark peeping some weird artsy foreign horror movie.

Bub: Yea definitely, Ace is my dog. We met on the terms of workin’ on music together, but since then we realized we had some mutual homies and we were both in Brooklyn so we just started to kick it. We both got love for drugs, shooting dice and talking shit so it was all real natural haha. Rap shit is almost secondary with us at this point and for some reason I feel like that made the music so much iller.

On the streets, what’s the current climate in Brooklyn nowadays for boom-bap, real ish hip-hop as opposed to the trap/hip-pop ish? Do you still come across cars / spots bumping our lane of hip-hop?

Ace: In my experience, Brooklyn is always going to appreciate rappers talking that greezy fly street shit. That lingo and way of life has always been a staple out here and transcends generations. People here don’t care as much about different categories of hip-hop (“boom bap,” “trap,” etc.) as people might think. If your shit sounds like some authentic Brooklyn shit and is aggressive and relatable, they will fuck with you.

Cars/spots out here really bump some of everything. In a town of 3 million people, it’s inevitably going to be eclectic.

Bub: I think Ace is 100% spot on. I would say for most of us Brooklyn rap is more of a feeling than a genre. I’d say right now drill is the sound of Brooklyn today. 90s aggressive NYC rap music always gonna be my first love and go-to but I can also listen to some of that BK drill and catch the same vibe as some of the classics in a way. When I hear the accent and the push behind the words everything from the borough feel like home.

On the other hand, I think there is a resurgence with a lot of the “Boom Bap” style rap nowadays for sure but with more of an internet type following. I love this new wave of rappers comin wit that real spit now, I feel like it’s definitely a pocket that’s getting tapped more than the past decade or so, shit make me hype to see. People are tired of that watered down bullshit so I think Brooklyn is in a good place to takeover again.


I noticed that ARXV has been on most of your projects and videos, Bub, how did you link up with him? How come he hasn’t been doing as many drops as you?

Bub: ARXV been my bro for a minute, we known each other over 10 years now. Me and him as a duo go by FLEEMRKT, we dropped our first EP Sauce Awards like a year back. Not just saying this shit but AR is my favorite rapper. The wordplay, flows, voice, everything my guy spits is over the top. It’s been a couple years since he’s dropped a solo project but he’s cooking up like fuckin crazy right now. He has his 4th solo project Heavy Drip Giuseppe The Camoflauge Goon coming this summer and we also got 2 FLEEMRKT EPs done Fleeman Marcus and Get Rich Or Go Broke both droppin in the next few months.

Ace, do you tend to make beats that have that ominous feel to them or do you also make other styles aside from what you release with Bub?

Ace: I do tend to gravitate towards more ominous samples, but the joints Bub chooses definitely tend to be more ominous than others. I got all types of shit in the stash though. I’m constantly experimenting with shit to avoid getting bored or complacent.

Can you give me an anecdote or background for your relationship with any of the other features on the album (NEMS, Rome, Estee, UFO, Fast)?

Bub: Most of the people featured on my project were pretty natural collaborations, mostly either people I’ve known through the NYC circuit or friends of friends type shit.

I met Nems through the homie 20G that got this brand New York Robbery. One thing I could say about Nems is he not playing about that ‘Mayor Of Coney Island’ shit. I went out there to shoot the “Fat Farm” video, this muffucka really the man in his hood. People he ain’t even know yelling “Fuck Your Lyfe!” out the whip, shit was dope to see.



Bub: Me and Rome Streetz met in 2014 at this low-key legendary spot The Flat in Brooklyn. There was this MC competition that the homies put together for this party Chocolate Sundays and me and Rome were the 2 finalists out of like 8. Cant call who won the shit real talk haha, but we just been in touch since. When spots in the city was open and shit I’d see Rome randomly all the time, we got some similar circles.

UFO Fev I met at a cypher put on by Team Backpack/World Emcee. We were 2 of 4 rappers in the cypher and I feel like we definitely killed the shit most, no offense to nobody. After the taping we all just smoked and chilled for a few hours, Fev was the life of the party. This guy UFO is mad insightful and well-read, really inspirational in his speech and shit. Then one day he popped out the the studio and we banged out that “Redesign A Drought” dumb fast, I love that joint.

I saw Fastlife open up for Benny at SOBs, that shit was a crazy vibe. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but he was the only one that flexed on that show besides Benny. I looked his shit up and turned out we had a few mutual homies and shit so that all felt natural, I fuck with his style.

Estee Nack was some straight Instagram shit. I heard his shit, hit him up out the blue, sent him a joint and he fucked with it. He sent the verse back in like 2 weeks, faster than a lot of rappers I know personally. Nack blessed that “Dope Smokers Anonymous” shit, much respect to him for showing that love.

Ace, what’s your best come-up while digging for vinyl? Any crazy rare or unique pieces or crazy spots you can mention (without fully giving up the info for other diggers)?

Ace: I’m not spot-snitching. But really, in my opinion, the best come-ups are in the more out-the-way ethnic music spots (especially Eastern European) in BK. Never underestimate the crates of street sales though either. One of the most sample-full records I ever copped was some shit I’ve never seen before or since for $2 off some weird dude on the sidewalk. Bottom line: if you are chasing samples, and you wanna sample vinyl, go peep every crate for sale that you see, and take a chance on some cheap weird shit you never seen before.

Also, develop relationships with people or stores who sell vinyl and tell them what era/country/genres you are looking for, and more often than not they will get some shit on deck for you for the next time you pull up.

What’s next for both of yall?

Ace: Me and Bub already got mad follow-up shit in the tuck. That’s coming soon and going to be even better than this project. I’m personally also planning to branch out a little bit and start more actively looking for rappers who I think my sound will work well for. Overall just tryna keep making good music, but also tryna have each drop be better than the last.

Bub: I got so much music ready to drop the shit is unfair. Besides the FLEEMRKT EPs I mentioned before, I also got another solo project “Land Of Silk And Money” done as well as 3 more producer collab projects in the works. I can’t wait to announce those joints, yall will probably know the names. We gonna also keep the ball rolling with the visuals, we always got a nice stack of videos in the barrel ready. Y’all will definitely see some special features in the coming months too, we always cooking up with new people.

Besides that I just want to see the world around me get better and me get better with it. I’ll end it on that corny shit… Thanks for the interview fam, all love.

Order ‘Very Sucio, Muy Picante’ here


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