Underground Hip Hop Producers Unite to Help ‘Beat The Virus’ [Support Now]

Producer Patchz created a great way for underground hip hop producers to come to the aid of families devastated by COVID-19. With the recent passing of one of the underground’s dopest rising stars, Fred The Godson (RIP) due to the virus, this project is dedicated to him and all proceeds will be given to his family. We hope this will help his beautiful family during this tough time. There are a slew of generous producers that contributed their talent to this amazing project. The list consists of the following producers:

Patchz, 80Hrtz, Bodybag Ben, Onaje Jordan, Beats by Skylo, Dan Akill, DaiHard Beats, Br00tal Productions, DJ Frisby, Jason Famous Beats, Hanoi Blades, DJ Dug Boogie, Irie 1, Teck-Zilla, Jk1 The Supernova, Lee Sands Beats, John Sell, King Who, Nexquick, Laze MZ, Kwenubeats , Whiskeyman, PA Dre of the Pronoun, Alcatraz Ed, That Blessed Girl, Kheyzine and Yellow Balaclava.

Via @Rain910 (Facebook)

What a stellar line-up for this awesome project. Would like to give special thanks to Br00tal Productions for the awesome artwork, mix, and mastering. It’s hip hop for a cause! Thank you all for supporting the culture beyond the music, and people who have been affected by COVID-19 during these dire times. Your contributions are appreciated deeply. Please secure your copy today. Everyone stay safe and stay home. Let’s Beat the Virus!