Magno Garcia & Retrospec Come Through ‘Like A Thief In the Night’ On New LP

Magno García is a unique MC ready to show the world the man he represents in life. Hailing from Chelsea MA, he experiments with different levels of music and subject matter. After putting it down for years, Magno stands at the gate ready for the next climb.

Like A Thief In The Night is the long awaited Underground Gospel Rap LP produced entirely by Retrospec. “For a long time people wanted me to share my story and transition from the streets into living out for God. I’m not preaching on this album. It’s a testimonial musical story of a kid that grew up in Chelsea and didn’t fall victim to its crime infested history, but rather pushed through with Christ like living” says Magno. Retrospec’s production compliments Magno’s divine lyrics especially on “Parade of Killing Shaitan”, “Before The Rooster”, and “Romans 7:19”.“I’m proud of it just as much as my man Magno is,” says Retrospec. In addition they recruit female rapper El Ay and his Pastor Shane Lima for added support. Whether your religious or not, The album is based on spiritual principles that neither Magno or Retrospec are scared to express on and off the mic. Check it out below.