Teck-Zilla & Psalmurai Are Hip-Hop’s 1-2 Punch with Their Double Feature Video for “Soul Calibre” & “Samurai Dreams”

The duo of Teck-Zilla & Psalmurai return with a double feature video release for “Soul Calibre” and “Samurai Dreams,” taken from their collaborative EP, Enter The Double Dragon. The three track effort was first released back on Feb 28 alongside the video for, “God Level

Once again, Psalmurai directs while The Myth handle the shots to deliver a beautiful piece that pays homage to Kung fu flicks, Martial Arts, Star Wars, and hip-hop. It all perfectly complements Teck’s trademark blend of soulful boom bap, abound with Psalmurai’s adept lyricism:

“Told the devil and his lackeys what’s crackalackin? / Your cars ain’t dope enough I got what your crack is lacking”

The video picks up from where “God Level” left and showcases the duo’s love for the arts and even ties in a sequence of Teck in his Wushu Kwan gi performing various hand to hand techniques.

Enter The Double Dragon (EP) by Teck-Zilla & Psalmurai

Check out the two-part video and head over to the digital retailer or streaming platform of your choice to support, Enter The Double Dragon, available now via Str8Buttah Productions.