Ray Swoope Drops Killer ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ Album

Thou Shall Not Kill is the debut solo release from Chicago, IL Hip Hop artist, Ray Swoope. Thou Shall Not Kill draws its fundamental formula from some of Hip Hop’s most revered classics such as Nas‘s “Illmatic” and Raekwon the Chef‘s “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx“, a brutal and unfiltered look at life on the streets backed up by a soundscape of gritty samples and hard hitting drum loops. Ray Swoope’s syncopated multi rhyme pattern flow compliments the various styles of production that combined to form Thou Shall Not Kill. From the driving piano riff of “Ramsey”, inspired by jazz legend Ramsey Lewis, to the atmospheric synthesizers and booming 808s of “Say Uncle”, Thou Shall Not Kill embodies the edgy sound of the street which connects with so many of today’s youth, while incorporating thoughts and ideas relatable to people of all walks of life. Take a listen.



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