In Case You Missed It: D.V. Alias Khryst Unveils 3 Videos In 1 – “New Day” “Refuse” & “Unrecognized”

D.V. Alias Khryst hails from Brownsville & he definitely holds BK down in his 3 part release. 

Both the audio and visuals are on point as he kicks things off with “New Day” using melodic strings over crisp boom bap percussion. He delivers the goods with lines like:

“artistic point of view from a different point of view / I don’t look like what I’ve been through”.

He is clearly a spiritual person dedicated to his daughter and two sons, whom he references.

He continues to cook on “Refuse” with witty bars like “I’m here to win but they compare me to Drake / but I’m much harder more of a father to the styles they emulate”, which is sure to raise some eyebrows. Based on his demeanor, I doubt that Khryst is troubled by this. The chorus pays homage to the classic Public Enemy hit “Welcome to the Terror Dome” over a really dope track. 

He completes the trilogy with “Unrecognized” utilizing ominously haunting synths over banging drums. The chorus proclaims “you don’t know me why you fronting,” while D.V. revisits his past, stating “I’m a king I’m royalty I’m a hustler and the streets keep calling me”.

Overall this release is dope, giving listeners more than adequate beats and bars while BrooklynViewFilms keeps the eyes intrigued and interested with pinpoint camerawork and scenery.