Configa & Jahi Lead Us Into A “Forward Future”

Seasoned and reputable UK producer Configa links with wordsmith Jahi for what can be titled as an addictive dose of ear candy. Forward Future an 11-track project comes to us during a period where timeless, conscious music is needed to cleanse our souls, feed our minds, and evoke change.

The “champion producer and King on the mic” deliver a novel chronicle brewing with records for everyone to grasp, from classic & throwback vibes to jazz & soulful blends to catchy anthems, and even a harder side for the tainted streets.



“Forward Future” sets the project off with jazz infusions flowing through the themed messaged of change. In order for the world to change, we as people need to change and that begins with our thought process and actions. “Medaase” is the ideal track to shake out negativity. The kaleidoscope of invigorating anthem style cadences and motherland drumming is more than enough to loosen our cores, and, in that state, “Mindfulness” takes over. The poetic flow of rhymes breaks the word down letter by letter and act as essential keys to begin an introspective journey.

“Rock On” exudes a throwback vibe with authentic wordplay, metaphors, and a catchy hook over classic cuts and scratches. This record epitomizes a summer stroll to the b-ball courts without a care in the world, a paradigm for when the worldwide pandemic lifts. “I Remember” is an autobiographical recall driven by soulful horns. A recall of progressive rhymes and mastering crafts. “Yes Yes Yall” reinvents that progression into revolutionized music. The stimulating tones and momentous bass remind us that our survival code cannot be broken and with that, a better vision can be built.

“More News @10” is a harder track that vibrates stained concrete worldwide. The blend of eerie, thumping reverberations leaves haters scurrying for cover. The message is a simple one, whether in or out the music scene, this duo will continue to elevate while alleviating unnecessary factors. “Fly” embodies a similar message but in a less in your face fashion. The record radiates with a smooth, head-nodding vibe about creating a happy place to beat the odds. In this scenario, it is a blank canvas and pen, and of course the pride of Hip-Hop culture.

“Ghetto Poems” rivets through and through with hypnotic bass, clapping drums, and rhymes exhilarating culture over clout, culture over likes, and culture over gimmicks. This record reminds Hip Hop enthusiasts that all we need is one mic with an expressive voice. “Outro” wraps up what can be defined as a hair-raising, mind-gripping, and soul awakening resurrection better known as a forward future. The 11-track project is an incomparable experience that offers guidance and wisdom all while feeling good. Configa and Jahi end that experience by bringing it back to the beginning in “Forward Future” the remix to reiterate the project’s themed message on a magnified level.

Watch the video for “Mindfulness” where the calming visuals of palm trees, ocean waves swaying against rocks, and the hypnotic fire pit blaze in tuned with the city nightscapes, channels a window for self-care. As mentioned above, take heed to mindfulness as it’s broken down letter by letter.