In Case You Missed It: Squeegie O & P Soloist Connect for ‘FNTG (From Niggaz To Godz)’ LP + Video

In case you missed it, artist Squeegie O returned to the scene in an attempt to give us more of a personal retrospective of his life and his music, along with Netherlands based producer P Souloist with his latest project titled FNTG (From Niggaz To Godz). This album is considered a prospective view of life, death, and everything in-between in the form of rhythm and verbal expression displayed by both individuals. Squeegie O’s lyrical ability matches so well with producer P Souloist as each track brings out the emcees qualities. Features include Jamil Honesty, DruGunn$, Scvtterbrvin, Egon Doe and Mvtha Cvla who do their thing on the songs. This project definitely gives you a vibe and emotional difference from the average modern day hip hop album. The true definition of Hip Hop Blues.

When we reached out to Squeegie O and asked about his latest project, he gave us this lengthy but touching description:

FNTG (From Niggasz to Godz) is an album almost 2 years in the making. I got the title from a card that my pops wrote on the back of that. He had it in his room after he passed. From that day, I swore that would be the next album title. In the end of 2018, after the Dao Lockman EP, I started to work on the album with the intention of making it something understandable, yet relevant to the music I was creating. At the end of January, 2019 I lost my daughter due to early delivery. I took what I had so far for the album and just said, fuck it. I stopped writing, stopped tryna record everything cause I just didn’t have the drive or feel to make music. In that same year, over the summer, my producer friend/good brotha P Souloist had sent me a pack of beats to put something together. The 1st record I heard was “Flesh Eating Bobby,” which gave me that thrill and passion that I was missing in trying to create the project earlier that year. I came back to the table with a few joints I had, plus I added some new material to the mix and put the album in complete motion; keeping contact with P Souloist throughout the entire process. The concept behind the album is about growth and evolution. My father was profound with we are Gods in our own light, but 1st we must let go of all the nigga shit we cherish and love so much. The album is based on life, death, and everything in between with the fierce and raw lyrical wordplay that I like to display so much. I touch base on a lot in this album – from the current state of hip hop, all the way down to dealing with the deaths of my father and my child. From the start of this project I considered this my boom bap blues because of how dark and sunken some of the production is. So much soul spoken from a broken soul in a sense. P Souloist is the only producer on this project. I made that decision simply based on the chemistry we were building in the process of creating, plus due to the lack of passion the original version of the album had from having multiple producers on joints. It just was not sounding cohesive. I invited good artists who I know would help me create the vision I had in my head. Mvtha Cvla is a artist based out of Ohio. I was drawn to her soulful voice which in turn had to be included on “Let’s Stay Together”. Jamil Honesty and I have been linked since the 80’s. My father and his mother’s then boyfriend use to be cool and that started our friendship, although it’s was years past until we linked again. It’s almost as if we never lost touch. I met Scvtterbrvin in 2017 at the Rock the House cipher put together by Doc Ahk and DJ Toshi. We held some conversations and started collaborating on joints ever since. The brother is super fuckin’ talented and I’m happy to have been at the right place at the right time to meet the emcee. Dru Gunn$ and Egon Doe are my brothers; like family. Egon Doe is my older blood related cousin. We’ve been working on music since the late 90s. So whatever I do, although he wasn’t included on Born Loser or the Dao Lockman EP, we have always put dope shit together (he produced “The Day Niggaz Took Ova”). And Dru is like my lil brother from another mother. I’ve been drawn to his bars since I seen him battle in the hallway back around 2005. I will be the 1st to say that this album isn’t all happy go lucky, it isn’t the usual jackin’ Griselda wave shit niggas are use to hearing today ,it’s my growth and my life. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I make shit relatable to the average joe or the person who lives realistically in a plastic based world. FNTG (From Niggasz to Godz) is the story of life from an emcee prospective. Cause the truth of the matter is, however we live, “We All Evolve From Niggaz To Godz.” We just have to stop doing nigga shit in order to see the true God living inside you. I hope I didn’t put y’all to sleep with my long ass description and overall breakdown of the album, but I do hope that you guys enjoy and appreciate the art that I’m working on and displaying.