Termanology & Statik Selektah Touch On Current “Pandemic” (Video)

“Pandemic” single/video is fresh off  ‘1982 The Quarantine’ project delivered by Hip-Hop’s incomparable duo of Termanology and Statik Selektah. During a time of worldwide fear and uncertainty, they deliver a lyrical vaccination designed to survive the “pandemic”.

The video begins zoning in on fallout shelter signs plastered on project buildings and the ‘four-ringed’ G.O.A.T.’ suited in gloves, a mask, and army fatigue. Take heed to Term’s message and escape the mind-altering contamination and force-fed propaganda. Take heed to the panic being sold and unfolding self-destruction. Term’s two and a half minutes, no hook needed, of pivotal truth serum is sure to have listeners/viewers re-evaluating the world around us. However, Term suggests if you keep your energy good you’ll be alright, only time will tell…

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