Labal-S Serves ‘The Last Upper’ Featuring Hus Kingpin, Jakprogresso, LoDeck, and More

Heavy dense hardcore Hip-Hop gets directly injected with the latest LP from Bloody Monk Consortium‘s The Last Upper by LABAL-S. With double entendre song titles displaying the deep metaphors and lyrical superiority of LABAL-S, coupled with grimy LugerLex production, the listener has the recipe to overdose on raw uncut Hip-Hop.

Instrumentals range from jazzy to gutter with boom bap drum patterns, heavy bass, obscure loops, and occasional haunting synths. Lyrically the listener is given a myriad of metaphors, drug references, punchlines, sharp wit, and street knowledge, all delivered in LABAL-S’ signature groveling grit.

The Last Upper is packed with movie vocal snippets, sonically the soundscape not only digs deep into the vinyl crates but also excavates gems from extensive movie sampling. LABAL-S creates an LP that is understandably undeniable with The Last Upper. Check it out…