XP the Marxman Releases Bold ‘BMSO: Big Mijo Sh*t Only’ EP

XP the Marxman has been creating quite the buzz since the release of his Nomads project. He has some of the sickest visuals to bring those bars to life too. Now he returns to the hip hop masses with BMSO: Big Mijo Sh*t Only EP. The tracks consist of that genuine boom bap soundscape we love. Epic production with some stellar features from Snotty, Prodigal Sunn, Merge, Cardiac and many more. With wild production from Bronze Nazareth, DJ Impact, Mr. Matt, and Sir J to name a few. The vibe is player on this EP. It’s an eclectic blend of songs that creates an awesome boom bap soundtrack. It’s a perfect ball of soulful and hardcore. Treat yourself to some chill music. Check out Big Mijo Sh*t Only now !

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