Nino Graye Gives Us a Dose of ‘Poison’

Nino Graye goes hard on new album Poison. The project has eleven tracks with uptempo soundscape, crazy drums, and bold bar exchange. The project features some underground heavyweights such as Estee Nack, Eto, CODENINE and Frankie Corleone. It’s a riveting raw project with lots of energy and definitely boom bap through and through. Love the sound.



I would definitely like to hear more from this artist. I can hear the passion in Nino’s rhymes. One can tell he enjoys making music. The production stuck within a theme and complimented each artist overall. The tracks that resonated with me most were “Mud on the Bentley”, “Council of Pharaohs” and “Skull N Crossbones”. This project is that basement style boom bap! Check out Poison now!