Rob Gates is Dangerous on New ‘Rob Like Get Robbed’ Project

It was time for Rob Gates of Da Cloth to chef up his own solo effort. He released a 10 track project under the title of Rob Like Get RobbedThe danger zone is in full effect with production from Chup, Speed, Vis Versa, Shah Beats and Farma. The home team members Rigz, Mooch, Mav and Illanoise are featured, along with a guest appearance from Tekk9. With his high energy flow, Gates and his comrades are sharp shooters taking the listeners on a musical journey through the war zone.



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The opening track, “Xanny,” has a hard hitting soundscape that deserves to be blasted at ignorant levels. You don’t want issues with Gates and Rigz because they just might find you a lot easier than you think on “Google Maps”. Are you built to “Risk It” in order to make it to the top than how much are you willing to sacrifice to get there? “Hitta” is another hard hitting banger, and my only gripe was that I wish it was longer, as it was only a little over a minute and a half. As he reminisces on past situations, we also get a feel for the type of music Gates rocked with on “Playlist”.

The track that resonated with me the most is “Change” featuring Tekk9 because it’s more personal and introspective, while the instrumental alone had me captivated. Da Cloth crew is steps ahead prepared if you ever decide to “Switch”. When you know the streets like the back of your hand, it becomes embedded in you, as told through powerful bars by Mav and Gates on “Shots”. Farma laced an amazing backdrop to “Thin Line” where Gates and Mooch navigate through vicious cycles and the twisted reality in this thing we call life. I felt the pain and emotion through words on “Can’t Sleep”.

Gates’ delivery keeps you engaged and entertained from start to finish. He was relentless on this release, and it was an inevitable bonus to include the rest of the crew. The chosen musical composition compliments the details that Gates delivers in his gritty rhymes. The project is currently available on most digital platforms with vinyl copies coming in May.